Mix & Match

Bobbins&Needles was created by me, Fatima in 2023. The start of this shop happened by a good amount of luck and the result of various coincidences.

Through a family member in 2018, I stumbled upon a huge amount of bobbin lace from Retournac, in the Haute-Loire region in France. This lace was stored for over 70 years and very well-preserved in old houses belonging to the Experton family, a well known Bobbin lace manufacturer.

Without knowing much about lace, I did realize how valuable these treasures were and haven't stopped collecting more ever since. The thing that intrigues me the most is the long history, the skilful hands and sharp minds that were necessary to make these creations.

Retracing the history of lace is like rediscovering the history of Europe! Now, 5 years later, I have decided to bring them back to the light, so their story can continue in your hands as part of your creations.